How is a Company Seal Made? (Video)2020-12-14T15:53:43+00:00
Who is allowed to use the company seal in my company?2019-06-10T16:59:10+00:00

From Irish Companies Act of 2014: a company’s seal shall be used only by the authority of its directors, or of a committee of its directors authorised by its directors in that behalf;

Is every Irish Company legally required to have a company seal?2019-06-01T14:56:46+00:00

Yes, according to the Irish Companies Act 2014, “A company shall have a common seal or seals that shall state the company’s name, engraved in legible characters”

What is a Company Seal?2019-06-01T14:54:27+00:00

Irish registered companies are legally required to hold company seals which have their company name engraved on it in legible characters. The purpose of a company seal is to emboss official company documents which ensures authenticity.

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